"My sincere hope is that these images reflect the beauty and complex interconnectivity of our shared experience, from grand rugged landscapes, down to the small -- and sometimes overlooked -- details". C. Paul Carter

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Samples of recent images captured, and archived 35mm negatives recently digitized. Newer content will be at top of page. Please check back frequently to see the latest!
Landscape photography is not for the faint of heart! In order to "chase the light", you usually have to get up pretty early, hike for kilometers lugging heavy gear, and often have to deal with miserable weather conditions. Once you've there, you may have missed decent light, and might not capture any images worth saving. Why do it in the first place then? I love shooting landscapes because it connects me with the water and sky, and somehow, everyone who has ever looked out on the scenery before. As such, it's a spiritual experience of sorts, and gives a great chance to clear my mind and recharge myself a bit.
There is rarely a bad time to shoot scenes featuring sky. I absolutely favour the "magic hours" of twilight and dusk, when the light wavelengths shorten, and colours seem to change hue and depth. Astrophotography is definitely something that I want to try next... I love the night sky, particularly when it is clear and without light pollution.
Truthfully, I get squirrely if I'm not close to a body of water. The larger the body of water, the better. While I lived in Newfoundland, I was fortunate to shoot the ocean daily from my home. You can look out over the North Atlantic 365 days a year, and see something different each time. The colour of water changes perceptively with the amount of skylight, wind, temperature, and humidity. Love it!
Apart from capturing images during the "magic hours" of twilight and dusk, when the light wavelengths shorten, and colours seem to change hue and depth -- nighttime and low-light photography is something I enjoy. Whether it is the remnant of natural light, or man-made light, there's always something new to see and capture in a new way.
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